Our value proposition

Our value proposition

For investors

As an investor in the Winnipeg Capital Startup Fund (WCSF), you’ll gain access to a curated deal flow of startups from all over Latin America. We partner with key players in Latam’s ecosystem to gain access to the best seed-stage startups across different sectors, and conduct due diligence leveraging both our own investing experience and that of our partners.

We acknowledge rationale startup investing requires diversification. For this reason, our thesis implies investing in a first batch of 25 startups and committing to follow-ons on those that prove major scalability capacity and higher probability of a successful exit.

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For startups

As part of the Winnipeg Capital Startup Fund (WCSF) portfolio, we will become more than a financial ally. Investing is just a part of the equation. When we invest in a startup, we become partners and put all of our assets at their disposal.

We provide our technical, commercial and business expertise in tech companies. We support them with strategic advice, mentorship and contact with top executives in relevant industries. When they seek new investment rounds, we can introduce them to different sources of potential investors. Our goal is that they can scale up quickly and improve their overall value proposition.

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